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A Non-Au East Asian Roleplay

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Birthdate:Jan 1
Location:Korea, The Republic of

A Non-AU East Asian Entertainment RP


To start your high definition streaming experience, you will need the following:

AIM screenname
Dreamwidth account
Twitter (optional, but highly encouraged!)

(choose 1 option from each of the following groups):

One (1) community discussion post

One (1) journal entry

Qualifying participation in the Bi-Monthly Mel0n Meme
Ten (10) tweets to five (5) Mel0n subscribers

Five (5) comments to separate community posts


  • Please respect your peers and place all NSFW material, auto-playing, layout-breaking or bandwidth-killing media behind a cut.

  • No god-modding, meta-gaming, or headspace outing (Don’t know what those are? Check out our FAQ for more).

  • Subscribers may have a maximum of three (3) accounts, and a maximum of one (1) muse per band / group.

  • Cross-claiming of any kind is strictly prohibited.

  • Respect the anonymous nature of the game; please ensure IP logging is kept off on your accounts.

  • Keep the drama IC and treat others as you wish to be treated (Have a conflict you can’t resolve? Please contact a moderator here so that we can help!).

  • Please maintain an active account; do not squat or bend the rules (Read more about muse squatting on our FAQ).

  • Please manage your doubles fairly; community members come first.

  • Need some time away? Drop us a line here - remember to let us know how long you’ll be away for! Alternatively, read more about hiatuses here.

  • The Mel0n mod team do not read or use any anonymous forums. We will not take any suggestions, cues or complaints of any kind from them. We strongly suggest that our subscribers do the same.

  • Activity checks take place periodically during the month, and cuts take place at the end of each month. Thereafter, subscribers who are not on hiatus and who have not fulfilled the activity requirements will be removed from the community.

  • If you have been cut and wish to reclaim, you may do so three (3) days after cuts take place, provided there are no existing holds for the same face.


Mel0n is one of the largest global subscription services for streaming music, and the largest in Asia. Come here for your pick of the hottest tunes from Korea and beyond.

We are an interactive community for Non-AU Asian entertainment roleplay. Community-wide interaction and subscriber satisfaction are our core values, so if getting your music fix is what you’re after, don’t hesitate to sign up for an account!

Already convinced and raring to go? Subscribe today and open up a world of streaming content and meet new people!


Here at Mel0n we aim to keep things interesting for subscribers. The following are some of the premium features subscribers can look forward to experiencing:

SOLO: Once every two months, Mel0n will host community-wide memes for subscribers to participate in. Participation counts towards the activity requirements, so watch closely for when they pop up!

COLLABORATIONS: In addition, every season Mel0n will host an optional themed mixer to pair off subscribers with new people to meet and engage with.

Find out more about our one-of-a-kind HD experience here.

Disclaimer: Mel0n is a role playing game purely for entertainment purposes only. There are no real celebrities here, and we are not affiliated with in any way. No copyright infringement intended - all intellectual property reproduced on this website belong to their respective owners. Your use of Mel0n constitutes an acceptance of the foregoing terms and conditions.
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