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FAQs and Commonly Asked Questions



Navigating a new interface can sometimes be baffling. Here we have some answers to frequently asked questions to help you find your beat. If you have any questions that aren’t answered here, or if your question require a more in-depth response, feel free to drop us a line here. We’ll do our best to assist!

What if I forget to come back to my journal entry?
We strongly discourage abandonment of journal entries (read here for more about journal abandonment) . If you have a special reason for missing it, we can look into it on a case-by-case basis. Purely “forgetting” about your entry without any extenuating circumstances will typically not be considered an adequate reason for abandonment. We urge subscribers to be mindful of the entries you make.

What if I want to tweet the same person ten (10) times?
You may do so, but this by itself will not satisfy the Group B activity requirement. To fulfill the activity requirements, any one (1) subscriber is required to make at least ten (10) separate tweets to at least five (5) other subscribers. Read here for more on activity requirements.

What timezone do you measure deadlines by?
We run on PST.

Why hasn't my claim been approved yet?
We would suggest that all potential subscribers check their introduction posts carefully. Claims should include at least the basic contact information and should have replies to more than half of the comments on the post (read more about these requirements here and here). We cannot approve your registration until and unless you have fulfilled these requirements. Generally a week is enough time to come back to a journal entry. Beyond that, if your claim does not contain the basic information or an insufficient number of comments are replied to, we will have to deny you service.

I need a hiatus. What should I do?
Simply head on down here and fill up the hiatus form. Subscribers who will be away for at least a week but not more than a month are required to post a hiatus. Should you require a hiatus that will last for longer than a month, please contact the Mel0n mods prior to posting your hiatus.

We also strongly discourage subscribers from posting hiatuses in the last week of the month, or for posting hiatuses that straddle across two (2) months as this may enable subscribers to bypass activity requirements. If your hiatus will be affected by this, please also contact the Mel0n mods prior to posting your hiatus.

What is god-modding, meta-gaming, or headspace outing?

God-modding: Controlling another mun’s muse without their express permission. This may entail assuming the taking place of in-game activities without consent, or assuming actions from a muse that has not been agreed to by their mun.

Meta-gaming: Taking information obtained via an OOC source or in an OOC setting, and utilizing that information in-game.

Headspace outing: Revealing a mun’s muses to other muns / subscribers / third parties on any platform whatsoever, without express permission from the former, or for means of spreading resentment and rumors.

The Mel0n team does not condone and will not tolerate any of the above practices in any way, shape or form. We aim to create and maintain a smooth, hassle-free and enjoyable platform for our subscribers. If at any time issues and conflicts requiring mod intervention do arise, do feel free to drop us a line here and we will do our best to assess the situation and / or assist. Otherwise, we trust that our subscribers (and their muns!) are sufficiently informed to resolve these matters amongst themselves.

What is muse squatting?
While there is no prescribed form for which a particular muse could be considered to be “squatting”, we do encourage subscribers to maintain a steady flow of communication and activity throughout the month. The Mel0n mod team does not propose policing the community to weed out would-be squatters, but we will treat any allegations of squatting from the subscribers or any irregular behavior very seriously.

I have so many ideas and I'm excited to help, what do I do?
It’s easy! Pop down to our Help Desk and give us a shout! We are always aiming to help, and would be happy to listen to any suggestions our subscribers may have to help enhance their Mel0n experience!

★ More to come as time passes!