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Activity Explained

MORE ON ACTIVITY - What's it all about?
For a better subscriber experience, your friendly Mel0n mod team has recently revamped the house rules and activity requirements. Please take some time to familiarize yourselves with the various requirements, for maximum subscriber enjoyment.

Each month, subscribers must fulfill basic activity requirements by satisfying one (1) component from each of the following Groups below. This is to afford subscribers as much flexibility as possible when it comes to activity. More below:

GROUP A - Community discussion posts, journal entries and Bi-Monthly Mel0n Memes

1) Community discussion posts

Each month subscribers may make one (1) discussion post to the community where they can pose a question, share media or interesting thoughts and words, and more! Your discussion posts should seek to engage and interest other subscribers, and promote community-wide interaction. This means that community posts may not (i) be comments locked; and (ii) comprise only video / image posts. New subscribers’ introduction posts may also count as their community posts.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Subscribers must not leave posts abandoned. Abandoned posts will not be marked off for activity. Ideally, there should not be any subscribers left unanswered in a claim or discussion (within reason). Typically, a subscriber will fulfill this requirement if they reply to more than half of the commenters on their community post.

2) Journal entries

Journals are subscribers’ home bases, and we strongly encourage subscribers to keep their journals active as well. Down from the previous requirement of two (2) monthly journal entries, subscribers will now be able to fulfill their Group A activity requirements with one (1) monthly journal entry. Subscribers must have granted access to the mod Dreamwidth account (meloncharts) for journal activity to be counted. In addition, journal entries may not (i) be comments locked / screened; or (ii) comprise only video / image posts.

3) Bi-Monthly Mel0n Memes

A new, improved version of the original Monthly Mel0n Memes, we will be posting one (1) Mel0n Meme once every two (2) months. The bi-monthly community-wide interaction will, unlike previous Memes, count towards activity as well, provided that the minimum comment requirements are fulfilled.

For participation in the Bi-Monthly Mel0n Memes to count towards Group A activity, subscribers will have to (i) post their own thread to the Meme; and (ii) comment to at least five (5) other subscribers’ threads.

GROUP B - Tweets and comments

1) Twitter

While a Twitter account is not mandatory, having one is highly encouraged, given the prevalence with which many of our subscribers utilize this platform. To satisfy the Twitter requirement, subscribers will have to tweet at least ten (10) tweets to five (5) other Mel0n users each month. Subscribers must have the mod twitter account (@meloncharts) added for Twitter activity to be counted.

2) Community Comments

Subscribers will need at least five (5) top-level comments to five (5) separate discussion or introductory community posts each month to fulfil this activity requirement.